Bodies of Time

This week, we discuss the many ways that we embody time–from the ways space can psychologically manipulate our perceptions of time to the circadian rhythms encoded in the very fabric or our cells. We spoke with Bernard Possidente, a Skidmore biology professor, about this biological clock, finding homologies from fruit flies to mice to humans, as well as possibilities for the future.

So does this mean that time is a real thing, that ontologically exists out there? Last week, LIGO made it possible for us to hear the rippling of Einstein’s space-time fabric, to hear the mattress sag as the slumbering black hole bodies collided… But I think human experience is maybe less like a fabric, and more like a quilt, with an array of panels, of wadding and fibers and knots. For innumerable bodies, an infinite many number of ways of being in time.


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