Domestication? Horses and Humans

AUDIO FIXED Labor can be sneaky. Domestication can be reciprocal. And it might be horses who can show us how. Elaine Larsen, a professor of biology at Skidmore College, shares her insights on the rich sociality and ecology of horses. From her long horseback riding expeditions to the longer history of horses in the landscape, […]

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Community Unseen

How do plants communicate? Is the city wild? Scott Kellogg joins us this week from Radix Ecological Sustainability Center, an urban environmental educational center in Albany. We ponder these questions and more, starting to re-think our definition of community and find intimate connections in other bodies.   Follow this link to hear the playlist of music […]

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The Multispecies Munch

In this episode, we look at a sample of the ways that eating is entangled with a web of other processes, other lives, and other desires. With Skidmore Biology Professor Monica Raveret Richter, we consider both human foraging behaviors and their interdependencies and homologies with other species. Each of these other lives—whether microbes, pandas, honeybees, or […]

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