Surround Sound Science engages experimenters and explorers at Skidmore College and in the surrounding community. Through interviews, dialogue with recent science research, and relevant music and sounds, we seek out resilient and reciprocal ways of becoming. Weaving between the entanglements of imagination and science, this series offers a glimpse into the multispecies, nonhuman world surrounding and enveloping us.

About Julia

Julia Cavicchi is an environmental studies major at Skidmore College, focusing on hybrid geographies and multi-species ethnography. She spends her time hiking, visiting museums, and tending a motley collection of plants. She is also an intern with the Media Sanctuary, and will be posting audio stories about urban resilience this summer.

About Eleanore

Eleanore Ritter currently studies Biology at Skidmore College, and plans to obtain a PhD in Cell Biology. As we speak, she is probably viewing fluorescent algae cells and fish gills under a high-power microscope. In addition to science, she also enjoys hiking, coffee, and kpop, and possesses an inordinate fondness for bats.


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